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Leeds & Edinburgh based duo Forward Strategy Group formed in 2008, and are seen as one of the most unique acts in techno today. Their lo-fi approach to modern techno & attention to textural detail has been one of the key inspirations for the new wave of industrial techno musicians.

FSG’s work on their own label, and labels like Perc Trax and Stroboscopic Artefacts, not to mention their in-demand remix work for Zooloft, Bas Mooy, Perc & Justin Berkovi among others, has seen their records firmly planted at the front of many DJ’s bags. Their new album Labour Division, their most diverse & accomplished work to date, has already garnered huge critical acclaim.

Their turbulent live shows have earned them cult status in techno clubs throughout Europe & beyond, and their marathon DJ sets incorporate house, industrial, synthpop and experimental music, all woven seamlessly into their trademark sound.




Booking Agent:
Chris Lamb


Booking Request

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  • You can catch the newest member of the Forward Strategy Group corporate family - USER ENGINE live at Underground...
    Thursday Mar 16 - 2:15pm
  • Something slinky...
    Wednesday Mar 15 - 12:36pm
  • Extended vid of Bleaching Agent dropping carnage in Amsterdam.
    Monday Mar 13 - 8:35am

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