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Perc Trax was launched in 2004 as a vehicle for Perc’s own productions and over the years has evolved into one of the must check imprints for those with an interest in rough-edged electronic music. Under Perc’s careful guidance Perc Trax has developed a core roster of artists including Truss, Sawf, Forward Strategy Group and of course Perc himself with heavyweights such as Ancient Methods, Richard H. Kirk, Marcel Fengler, Factory Floor and Chris Carter appearing regularly on remix duties. Initially the label prided itself on being judged solely on its musical output but regular collaborations with designer Jonny Costello, starting with Perc’s ‘Wicker & Steel’ album, has seen the label become regarded as one the most visually innovative in its field.

The label has won Resident Advisor’s renowned label of the month title and has been the subject of a feature in the Guardian newspaper in June of 2012, a rarity for a label with such an uncompromising sound. The label’s releases are respected for both their experimental edge and their dancefloor power, leading to Perc Trax showcases regularly being promoted around the world from Tokyo to New York and across Europe.

The move to album releases that started in 2009 has seen Perc Trax reach more people than ever before and the launch of two sub-labels in 2013 (Submit and Perc Trax Ltd.) has allowed a wider range of artists including London acid hero Matt Whitehead and industrial legends Einstürzende Neubauten to join the Perc Trax family.

In 2014 Perc Trax celebrated its tenth year of releasing music, a period that has seen 70 vinyl releases and 6 albums across its three labels. To celebrate this milestone Perc Trax released three EPs of new tracks as well as a double CD compilation including Perc’s first commercially available mix cd. The 10 Years tour ended with the label’s largest ever London event in February 2015 featuring the UK debut of Perc & Truss, plus Factory Floor, Randomer, Powell, Pete Swanson and more. Moving forward through 2015 the label has already released a well received Truss EP with a string of EP’s, events and Perc Trax’s first film project lined up for the rest of the year.




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