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James Shaw emerged from London’s burgeoning post-Dubstep scene as Sigha in 2009, with a series of carefully executed releases offering early insight into the producer’s long-lasting preoccupation with intricate sound design and rich tonal finish.

Releases on James Ruskin’s Blueprint label, Shifted’s Avian imprint and his own Our Circular Sound have helped flesh out Shaw’s vision of a space where the romantic ideals of Post-Rock & New Wave exist alongside driven, Industrial Noise, wide-angle Drone and IDM.

In 2015, Sigha formed an alliance with Belgian imprint Token, releasing the ‘Christ Figures’ and ‘Our Father’ EPs before dropping his sophomore album ‘Metabolism’ on the label in 2017. As a body of work, Metabolism represented an arrival of sorts, with the artist offering his definitive statement on a production aesthetic that had been in development over the preceding years. It is a keen ear for distinction within the frequency spectrum that acts as the central theme on the LP.

Metabolism is a Techno album, but it’s frame of reference is generous; drawing on the finest facets of Sigha’s own varied discography and the wider electronic music landscape. Cohesive and modern, this work eschews a handful of riffs on a single idea in favour of a multi-faceted, fully realised expression of what the genre can be; marking it out as a vital addition to the Token label’s already enviable catalogue of releases.

2018 marked the start of a new project with Kanding Ray as ‘Neon Chambers’. Born out of collaborative performance, the pair have toured their live show extensively, taking in Atonal, Sonar, ADE and Dekmantel, before finally releasing their debut EP on the Dutch imprint in 2019.

Over the last two years, Shaw has spent the forced time away from touring developing and refining a revised approach towards Techno. Taking a more open stance on both rhythm and structure, the result is a sound that is both agile and heavy hitting, encompassing the totality of his influences but guiding them directly towards the sound system. Move To Speed, released on his own OCS imprint, is the first glimpse into the results of this process.

Sigha’s recognition as a producer is consummated by his skill as both DJ and live performer, with his DJ sets channeling the same unyielding energy as his recorded work; oscillating between elongated mixing style and moments of intuitive  dynamism, to build a powerful tension on the dance floor.




Booking Agent:
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