Electronic dance music and beyond.
Nuno Costa began his ventures into electronic music in 2008 with his Sinner moniker, and with it he created Warface, a local crew and promoter focused on dubstep, drum ’n’ bass, and UK garage.

In 2013 he kickstarted his new project, VIL, focusing mainly on techno. His debut EP came in early 2015, when Portuguese label Extended Records picked him up for a release. Soon after, he released on Lewis Fautzi’s “Faut Section” imprint, on the legendary Synewave New York, run by Damon Wild and Be as One records from Shlomi Aber.

VIL’s refined taste and set building ability has already earned him a place at some of the best clubs in the country, of which Lux Frágil and Gare are included, and is a regular presence at many of the country’s festivals as well. Fast forward to 2018, where alongside Portuguese artists Temudo and Menosdois, he creates Hayes, a collective focused on showcasing the distinct output of its artists through vinyl and digital releases. Already counting with several vinyl releases since its inception and garnering support by some of the biggest name in the scene, Hayes turns out to be one the most promising labels to rise during the pandemic.

Furthermore VIL used the extended time in the studio between 2020 and 2021 to place his output on renowned labels outside of his own realm. Landing highly anticipated EPs both on Ben Klock’s seminal label Klockworks, Stranger’s Self Reflektion to name a few.

Booking Agent: Chris Lamb
Territory: Worldwide
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