DJ, label owner, live-act and former mastering engineer, Wallis speaks for a generation searching for novelty in the techno realm. Sharp engineering skills coupled with a unique approach to sound design allowed her to develop a trademark sound, that regularly allows fans to recognize a “Wallis track” even before it is released. Using an array of synthesizers, effects units, and experimental studio techniques, Wallis produces confrontational and urgent techno that shifts constantly between different patterns and atmospheres.

She launched her own label, Jell, and has released several times on Kobosil’s label R Label Group or been part of compilations in many other renowned labels such as Ellen Allien’s label Bpitch or remixed Perc. A promising newcomer of the techno scene, a studio head as well as a prolific touring artist, she can play massive stages like Awakenings or DGTL one day and play in a intimate sweaty basement the following day.

Booking Agent: Paul Wells
Territory: Worldwide
Contact: paul@elitemm.co.uk
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